customer reviews

Mr Van Geldorp: ,, This real estate agent....... Alwin is clearly very helpful with questions and is always available. Definitely highly recommended! " dated September 7, 2023.

Anonymous: ,, Mr  Koning knew exactly what I as a buyer should pay attention to in order to make the right choices. He negotiated a good price. I am very satisfied with this. " dated September 4, 2023.

Mr  Emmen: ,, We found the house ourselves. The broker completely relieved us of the rest of the purchasing process. He also conducted negotiations on our behalf with a great result. All in all, more than worth the investment. " dated September 4, 2023. "

Ms Van Someren: ,, Alwin always thought along with us about possibilities. In addition, very flexible and a pleasant person. Top! " dated September 1, 2023.

Anonymous, valuation in Haarlem dated June 9, 2023.

Anonymous, valuation in Heemskerk dated May 10, 2023.

Anonymous, valuation in IJmuiden dated April 4, 2023.

Ms Van Leusden, valuation in Heemskerk  dated 13 March 2023.

Anonymous, valuation in Zaandam, dated 07 March 2023.

Miss Van Kaam, 2 * valuation in IJmuiden dated 3 March 2023.
"Thank you for the valuations that have been carried out. We are very pleased with the price/quality ratio.

Ms Eggink, valuation in Assendelft dated 13 February 2023.

Mr Kemp, valuation in Krommenie dated 16 January 2023.

Anonymous, valuation in Haarlem dated 07 December 2022.

Anonymous, valuation in Haarlem dated 09 September 2022.

Anonymous, valuation in Haarlem dated 07 September 2022.

Miss Darlang, valuation in Haarlem dated 13 June 2022 .
" I found the appraiser to be very careful. I didn't notice any downsides. " 

Miss Van Gastel,  purchase of a house in Hoofddorp dated 23 May 2022. 

"He is fast, smart and acts transparently. Easily accessible and a good knowledge
  of the local housing market. He also gave me good advice about a valuation. "

Mr Mezioud, valuation in Halfweg dated 13 May 2022. 

Mr Schols, purchase of a house in Amstelveen dated 08 February 2022.

" We already had a house in mind and were eager to get hold of the owner-occupied home. On the advice of friends, I started looking for a real estate agent through Trustoo. The request was made and Alwin responded to the request within less than 6 (!) hours at the weekend and took the time to do a thorough intake with us and immediately radiated transparency and involvement. That immediately gave me a good feeling. Alwin guided us well to arrive at the winning bid and took us into his image and vision before and after the event. In the further process, Alwin gave good advice, visited the owner-occupied house himself and arranged and handled all correspondence from bid to delivery down to the last detail. All in all, we are convinced that we would not have been able to obtain our dream home without his help. Definitely worth every penny and I would definitely recommend him."

Anonymous, valuation in Uitgeest, dated 06 July 2021.

Mr Ossewaarde, valuation in the context of the WOZ Act in Badhoevedorp, dated 22 March  2021.
" Fast and correct "

Anonymous, valuation in Driehuis dated 11 February 2021.

Anonymous, valuation in Weteringbrug dated 14 January 2021.

 Anonymous, valuation in Aerdenhout dated 14 January 2021.

Mr Van Haaster, valuation in Vogelenzang dated 17 November 2020.

" Very satisfied. Rapid elaboration of an extensive valuation report. " 

Anonymous, valuation in Bloemendaal dated 16 July 2020.

Anonymous, valuation in Amstelveen dated 06 July 2020.